शब्दों के आलिंगन

Every poem begins with a poet, every dream begins with unspoken thoughts, and a poet alone knows to weave these thoughts into poetry.

This book is an amazing amalgamation of a poet’s thoughts and dreams. Sky is Neeraj Manan’s destination and the wings of his thoughts are soaring into limitless sky and are vividly expressed in this book.

Through his book and poetries, the poet wants to express the human emotions of love, fondness, melancholy, resentment, bliss, curiosity and more.

This book depicts a mysterious and exciting relationship between humans, their emotions and the beauty of nature. It is undoubtedly an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual work by the author.

The author has been inspired by the desire of liberty, moved by some social issues and touched by the emotions of love, sensuality, passion, desire, faith and betrayal.

It is an endeavor to engage and allure the readers to a world that is very close to the author’s heart!

We are sure you will enjoy reading this book

एक सन्नाटे की लकीर खींच दी हे तुमने मेरे जीवन में

Neeraj Manan’s previous book (शब्दों के आलिंगन) emerged as a great success. The book received enormous admiration and appreciation from all his readers.

Melancholy holds a prominent place in the history of love, it is sometimes our beloved, who leaves us lonely to battle our own destiny. One wanders through clouds of loneliness and self-discovery. It is during such emotional and trying times that the individual’s essential nature is most clearly expressed.

In this book the writer has interlaced his magic and creativity through words while defining a solitary existence in a very unique fashion.

He is truly indebted and inspired by all those who bought his book, and were his source of inspiration to write his second beautiful literary piece of art-शब्दों के आलिंगन

This new book is sure to soothe your senses!