Let me begin with sharing a bit about my own background and how I became a public speaker, and then well move into questions I ask others, and the advice I tend to give from my own experiences and observations.

I started doing public speaking in the childhood when I was in middle school. I was part of Debate competition and anchor for the school events designed to assist in development and empowerment through public speaking. One activity that I took a liking to was the public speaking in yuv wani programme in FM Radio that took place every month at our towns district. I took it seriously, and was motivated by my parents, who instructed me to write my speeches down on paper, and then recite, recite, recite until they were memorized. One of the years that I participated, I won the first place in winning trophy and award in debate competitions. Winning helped ignite my passion for educating audiences and making them passionate about me. From my experiences I started to join all the clubs at my school that allowed me to work on speaking in front of people.

At the end of my sophomore year in college I became a public speaker for all events of college. I immersed myself in this group and over the years became the coordinator and script writer. My work landed me a public speaker in MBA during University programmes. I myself participated in many events and organised them as speaker. I organised one musical event by myself at the end of the MBA programme and that gave me big platform for all these activities.

After post graduate school I moved into a full-time position as a Assistant General Manager- Marketing with one Pvt Ltd company. This marketing field gave me platform to increase my ability of speaking and presenting to self. After Fifteen years of working for this company, I moved into self-employment as a fulltime speaker, educator and writer. It has been a long journey for me. A challenging journey that has had its fair amount of stressors, but I am most fulfilled in this line of work and can understand why other people also want to begin on their own public speaking careers and paths.

“My Life as A Poet” is collections of poems, shayari and articles in Hindi. Along with quotes which reflect my self-expression as a poet from the times I grew up in and all throughout my life. A product of the thoughts that went through my mind converted into poetry. Poetry helped me make sense of my life and the world around me. It kept me from destroying myself because of the frustrations doing that period. It also gave my life a new direction which continues to benefit me right up until today. I hope you enjoy where it has taken me so far and you’ll join me for the rest of my journey.

Hope you all have found it good enough to understand the path of success.